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Whether the service is taxation, consulting,tax settlement services or complex large corporation auditing services, our firm can meet and exceed all expectations.


Our specialized taxation services range from simple individual tax returns to complex corporate tax returns. All our services include expert tax planning advice that ensures all clients have the knowledge that they need to make the most informed decisions.


Although we provide services for a host of well known individuals and corporations, each of our clients receives the same exceptional service regardless of the size of the account. Our client base ranges from small businesses of serveral thousand dollars to capitalizations of over 15 million.


In addition to our core accounting products, our financial strength extends to financial planning services through our licensed investment officers. Customized solutions, expert knowledge, superior suite of services makes L.S. Ross, CPA INC P.C a major partner for all your financial service needs.


For a confidential and detailed analysis on how we can benefit your personal and corporate needs, please give us a call and schedule an appointment today with our accountants!
















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